Advocating New Fundraising
Security Token System

It is often difficult for token-issuing companies to follow the legal requirements associated with STOs and to prepare the multitude of required documentation from the ground up. Our system offers various services necessary to conduct a successful STO.

AnyPay Group

AnyPay is a leading Asian FinTech company with offices in Tokyo and Singapore.
Founded by Shinji Kimura, a Japanese serial entrepreneur, the company has been providing a number of services, including a digital payment platform and ICO/STO advisory, through which AnyPay helped projects to raise over $80M in total.
Having already advised on 3 STOs, AnyPay's newest venture is a software platform that provides an integrated and one-stop solution for companies to launch STOs, including smart contract development, compliant investor onboarding and dividend distribution. With its extensive network of partners in Asia and experience of having worked on STO projects in the past, the company aims to build an STO infrastructure for one of the world's most growing markets.


Security Token Issuance System

Our system offers tools for dividend distribution to investors following STOs, as well as investor relations and communications management tools.

Why Security Token Offering?

STOs are reengineering traditional fundraising methods. "Tokenization" of equity, assets and beneficiary rights of businesses open up a new opportunity to raise funds from investors around the world.


Integrated Services for Launching STOs

Smart Contract Development

Investor Relations Toolkit

Legal Compliance